Blue Division
Mai Marauders 30 10-0-2
Catch with the Craft 24 8-0-4
Federation Fishers 24 8-0-4
Lil' Bass Kickers 21 7-0-5
Double Infinity 21 7-0-5
Fishin Kitty 18 6-0-6
Beauty & The Beast 15 5-0-7
Yorkshire A-Rose 15 5-0-7
Double Trouble 12 4-0-8
The Claddagh 12 4-0-8
Wrinkly Old Nuts 12 4-0-8
Team J & J 9 3-0-9

Red Division
Salubrius Vampyres 27 9-0-4
B&B 24 8-0-5
Biggie Bandits 21 7-0-6
The Collective 21 7-0-6
Sushi Angels 21 7-0-6
Floridana Fishing Addicts 21 7-0-6
Miami Sun 21 7-0-6
Mundo Mutsen 18 6-0-7
Bayou Brats 18 6-0-7
Heavenly Swamp Rats 18 6-0-7
LipSmackers 18 6-0-7
Fishing With The Blues 18 6-0-7
SK Duo 15 5-0-8
Dock Rats 12 4-0-9

Welcome to Season 9 of the Neo-Realms Team Fishing League for Second Life!

The Neo-Realms Team Fishing League (TFL) is a competitive, team-based tournament league for Neo-Realms Fishing. Players compete in 2v2 matches over the course of a season, with prizes going to the league victors.

Season 9 is underway!

Season 9 Week 10 Results
Neo-Realms | May 25, 2015, 9:34 am
The regular season is done! Congrats to Mai Marauders, Catch with the Craft, Federation Fishers, and FISHING BANDITS in Blue Division, and Salubrius Vampyres, B&B, Biggie Bandits and The Collective in Red Division for finishing in the prize money!

The first round of the playoffs are:

Salubrius Vampyres vs. Catch with the Craft

Mai Marauders vs. B&B

Good luck!

Season 9 Week 9 Results
Neo-Realms | May 18, 2015, 5:00 am
Week 9 is done and we are down to the final week of regular season matches!

Season 9 Week 8 Results
Neo-Realms | May 11, 2015, 1:14 am
Week 8 is in the books and Mai Marauders and Salubrius Vampyres still holding on to their leads in the Blue and Red Divisions respectively. The regular season is winding down but even teams down the table may have a chance of qualifying for the playoffs if they go on a late win streak! Good luck to all teams this week!

Season 9 Week 7 Results
Neo-Realms | May 5, 2015, 4:11 pm
After week 7 we have 2 clear teams at the top of each division, holding on to a 3 point lead! In Blue Division: Mai Marauders tops the list, while in Red Division Salubrius Vampyres holds on to their 3 point lead. It's still extremely close in both divisions!

Season 9 Week 6 Results
Neo-Realms | April 28, 2015, 12:45 am
We're past the halfway point of regular season and it's still very close in all divisions! In Blue Division: Lil' Bass Kickers is up on total points with Beauty & The Beast, Mai Marauders, and Catch with the Craft all with 5 wins. In Red Division: Biggie Bandits has a 3 point lead with Salubrius Vampyres, The Collective, Heavenly Swamp Rats and Fishing with the Blues only one game out.