Blue Division
Federation Fishers 27 9-0-2
Double Trouble 21 7-0-4
Upstream 21 7-0-4
The Adventurers 18 6-0-5
The Claddagh 18 6-0-5
The Collective 15 5-0-6
Grumpy Old Men 15 5-0-6
Fishy Siblings 15 5-0-6
Crystal Lake Crew 15 5-0-6
LipSmackers 12 4-0-7
The Summoners 12 4-0-7
Reel Screamers 9 3-0-8

Red Division
Femme Fatale Fishers 24 8-0-3
The Blues Fishers 24 8-0-3
Camp Snuffy's Team 24 8-0-3
Anarchy Sharks 21 7-0-4
Extreme Deuces 18 6-0-5
The Lushes 18 6-0-5
Fishing With The Blues 17 5-2-4
Lil' Bass Kickers 15 5-0-6
Mutsen Inc. 12 4-0-7
Plunder Mateys 4 1-1-9
Fairhaven Fishers 1 0-1-10

Welcome to Season 12 of the Neo-Realms Team Fishing League for Second Life!

The Neo-Realms Team Fishing League (TFL) is a competitive, team-based tournament league for Neo-Realms Fishing. Players compete in 2v2 matches over the course of a season, with prizes going to the league victors.

Season 12 has ended!

TFL Badges updated!
Neo-Realms | May 27, 2018, 1:00 pm
TFL participation badges have now been updated for your achievement hats. Thanks for playing Season 12!

Federation Fishers TFL Season 12 Champs!
Neo-Realms | May 21, 2018, 7:59 pm
Congrats to the Season 12 champions, Federation Fishers!

A big thanks to our season's sponsor, Fairhaven and the rest of our sponsors: Borg Capalini Designs, Camp Snuffy, and Hippy Air!

The participation prize winner for this season goes to Reel Screamers! Prizes will be distributed this week.

Be sure to stay tuned, we are working on a new 1v1 solo league format coming in the coming weeks! Thanks for participating in Season 12!

TFL Season 12 Semi-Final Results
Neo-Realms | May 14, 2018, 5:45 pm
The first round of playoffs are complete! It looks like the finals will be a battle of the number 1 seeds, with Femme Fatale Fishers defeating Double Trouble, and Federation Fishers defeating The Blues Fishers.

Playoff Schedule Fixed
Neo-Realms | May 8, 2018, 4:01 pm
There was an error where playoff teams could not see their match, that is now fixed. If you are still having any difficulty please contact Sweegy Manilow.

TFL Season 12 Week 10 Results
Neo-Realms | May 7, 2018, 8:54 pm
The regular season has ended, and it was a close race to the playoff spots! In Blue Division, The Federation Fishers wrapped things up early, but it was down to tiebreaker points for Double Trouble to grab the second playoff spot. In Red Division, Femme Fatale Fishers and The Blues Fishers narrowly wrapped up the top 2 spots on tiebreaker points. The first round of playoffs will feature:

Federation Fishers vs. The Blues Fishers Femme Fatale Fishers vs. Double Trouble
Good luck to all teams in the playoffs!