Blue Division
Rag Doll Cats 30 10-0-3
Grumpy Old Men 27 9-0-4
Monkey Business 27 9-0-4
The Fish Killers 24 8-0-5
Extreme Deuces 21 7-0-6
The Claddagh 21 7-0-6
Bass Babes 21 7-0-6
Classy And Sassy 21 7-0-6
Crystal Lake Crew 18 6-0-7
LipSmackers 15 5-0-8
The Collective 12 4-0-9
The Kultivate KastMasters 12 4-0-9
Anarchy 3 1-0-12

Red Division
Da Happy Couple 30 10-0-3
Bacon Bandits 27 9-0-4
Fishing Fanatics 24 8-0-5
Mundo Mutsen 24 8-0-5
Saltwater Sass 21 7-0-6
HookSetters 21 7-0-6
Bayou Brats 21 7-0-6
The Kraken Committee 21 7-0-6
Lil' Bass Kickers 18 6-0-7
Sushi Angels 18 6-0-7
Sick Puppies 9 3-0-10
Lil Fishers 3 1-0-12
Plunder Mateys 3 1-0-12

Welcome to Season 11 of the Neo-Realms Team Fishing League for Second Life!

The Neo-Realms Team Fishing League (TFL) is a competitive, team-based tournament league for Neo-Realms Fishing. Players compete in 2v2 matches over the course of a season, with prizes going to the league victors.

Season 11 is complete!

Season 11 Complete! Congrats to Grumpy Old Men!
Neo-Realms | May 23, 2017, 3:23 pm

Season 11 is in the books and congratulations to the champions, Grumpy Old Men!

Here is the prize distribution for this season:

Grumpy Old Men - 2nd Blue Div TFL CHAMP
Walther Kondrad
Callum Finesmith
Rag Doll Cats - 1st Blue Div 2nd TFL
DollyStar Piers
GJackie Winkler
GALAXY FISHERS - 1st Red Div 3rd TFL
Edconnect Gufler
RainbowGirl Galaxy
Da Happy Couple - 2nd Red Div 3rd TFL
Donovan Wilder
Gia Sautereau
Monkey Business - 3rd Blue Div
TheiaBurst Resident
Zealous0 Resident
Bacon Bandits - 3rd Red Div
Devon Wilder
IzzyTickles Resident
The Fish Killers - 4th Blue Div
Mel Newcomb
Lee Goldrozen
Fishing Fanatics - 4th Red Div
SusieBloom Resident
Prim Panache

The Winner of the participation drawing for this season is Bass Babes! Thanks to all who took part in TFL 11 this season, and thanks to league sponsor Kultivate Magazine and our platinum sponsors for this year!

Season 11 Playoff Semifinals
Neo-Realms | May 15, 2017, 5:53 pm
The first round of playoffs is done! Grumpy Old Men move on to the finals with a win over Galaxy Fishers, and Rag Doll Cats barely edge out Da Happy Couple, winning by only 297 points! The final takes place this week, good luck to the teams involved!

Season 11 Week 10 Results
Neo-Realms | May 8, 2017, 4:21 pm
The regular season is over! In Blue Division: Rag Doll Cats and Grumpy Old Men are advancing to the playoffs with Monkey Business and The Fish Killers finishing in the money. In Red Division Galaxy Fishers and Da Happy Couple moves on with Bacon Bandits and Fishing Fanatics.

Playoffs begin this week, with Rag Doll Cats vs Da Happy Couple, and Galaxy Fishers vs Grumpy Old Men. Good luck!

Season 11 Week 9 Results
Neo-Realms | May 2, 2017, 11:26 am
We are down to the final week of the regular season! In Red Division Galaxy Fishers has clinched first place and the top playoff spot, with Da Happy Couple and Bacon Bandits fighting for the number 2 playoff spot. In Blue Division: Grumpy Old Men, Rag Doll Cats and Monkey Business are all in the running for the playoff spots, with Monkey Business having a game in hand. There are still many in contention for the top 4 money spots, so good luck all teams this week!

Season 11 Week 8 Results
Neo-Realms | April 25, 2017, 9:03 am
2 more weeks left in the regular season! In Blue Division, Rag Doll Cats are on top with Grumpy Old Men and Monkey Business tied for the second spot, with Monkey Business having a game in hand. In Red Division, Galaxy Fishers are on top with Da Happy Couple and Bacon Bandits close behind with a game in hand. Good luck to teams this week!