Blue Division
Grumpy Old Men 18 6-0-3
Sushi Angels 18 6-0-3
Jus A Bugs' Life 15 5-0-4
Lil' Bass Kickers 15 5-0-4
The Collective 15 5-0-4
Bacon Bandits 12 4-0-5
The Claddagh 12 4-0-5
Femme Fatale Fishers 6 2-0-7
The Blues Fishers 6 2-0-7

Red Division
Fish Hookers 18 6-0-4
The Adventurers 18 6-0-4
Double Trouble 18 6-0-4
Feeling Nauti 18 6-0-4
Fish Nuts 18 6-0-4
Extreme Deuces 18 6-0-4
The Golden Rods 15 5-0-5
Rainbow Trouts 15 5-0-5
LipSmackers 15 5-0-5
Crystal Lake Crew 12 4-0-6
The Pobieski Factor 0 0-0-10

Season 11.5
Dates listed may change. Please visit your TFL Team Webpage to confirm the next match status, or wear your TFL prim in-world to confirm your next match. If you don't see your team for a specific match number, your team has a bye that match number.

Fixtures for Match #2017-10-02
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Grumpy Old Men vs. Femme Fatale Fishers
Lil' Bass Kickers vs. The Collective
Bacon Bandits vs. THE SUMMONERS
The Blues Fishers vs. The Claddagh
Sushi Angels vs. Jus A Bugs' Life
Femme Fatale Fishers vs. The Collective
Grumpy Old Men vs. THE SUMMONERS
Lil' Bass Kickers vs. The Claddagh
Bacon Bandits vs. Jus A Bugs' Life
The Blues Fishers vs. Sushi Angels
The Pobieski Factor vs. The Golden Rods
Extreme Deuces vs. Feeling Nauti
Double Trouble vs. LipSmackers
The Adventurers vs. Rainbow Trouts
Fish Nuts vs. Fish Hookers
Feeling Nauti vs. The Pobieski Factor
The Golden Rods vs. Crystal Lake Crew
Extreme Deuces vs. LipSmackers
Double Trouble vs. Fish Hookers
The Adventurers vs. Fish Nuts