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Blue Division
The Fishing Canucks 18 6-0-1
The Worm Wiggler's 15 5-0-2
Double Trouble 12 4-0-3
Halibut Hags 10 3-1-3
Fish Wranglers 9 3-0-4
The Soot Sprites 9 3-0-4
Aquaholics Anonymous 6 2-0-5
Blues For Life 4 1-1-5

Red Division
Keepin' it Reel 21 7-0-1
Cannafish 15 5-0-3
LipSmackers 15 5-0-3
Extreme Deuces 15 5-0-3
The Reel Deal 15 5-0-3
Galaxy Fishers 12 4-0-4
Lil' Bass Kickers 9 3-0-5
Bucc Fishers 3 1-0-7
OFF THE DOCK 3 1-0-7

Season 15
Dates listed may change. Please visit your TFL Team Webpage to confirm the next match status, or wear your TFL prim in-world to confirm your next match. If you don't see your team for a specific match number, your team has a bye that match number.

Fixtures for Match #2021-04-19
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The Reel Deal vs. OFF THE DOCK
Cannafish vs. Bucc Fishers
Extreme Deuces vs. Lil' Bass Kickers
Keepin' it Reel vs. Galaxy Fishers
Bucc Fishers vs. The Reel Deal
OFF THE DOCK vs. Lil' Bass Kickers
Extreme Deuces vs. Galaxy Fishers
LipSmackers vs. Keepin' it Reel
The Reel Deal vs. Lil' Bass Kickers
OFF THE DOCK vs. Galaxy Fishers
Cannafish vs. Keepin' it Reel
Extreme Deuces vs. LipSmackers
The Fishing Canucks vs. The Soot Sprites
Halibut Hags vs. Double Trouble
Aquaholics Anonymous vs. Blues For Life
Fish Wranglers vs. The Worm Wiggler's