Blue Division
Bacon Bandits 0 0-0-0
Femme Fatale Fishers 0 0-0-0
Grumpy Old Men 0 0-0-0
Jus A Bugs' Life 0 0-0-0
Lil' Bass Kickers 0 0-0-0
Sushi Angels 0 0-0-0
The Blues Fishers 0 0-0-0
The Claddagh 0 0-0-0
The Collective 0 0-0-0

Red Division
Crystal Lake Crew 0 0-0-0
Double Trouble 0 0-0-0
Extreme Deuces 0 0-0-0
Feeling Nauti 0 0-0-0
Fish Hookers 0 0-0-0
Fish Nuts 0 0-0-0
LipSmackers 0 0-0-0
Rainbow Trouts 0 0-0-0
The Adventurers 0 0-0-0
The Golden Rods 0 0-0-0
The Pobieski Factor 0 0-0-0

Couple of Last Minute Changes and Clarifications
Neo-Realms | April 27, 2008, 2:53 pm
We had a late entry and the amount of levels to distribute for the season has been raised to an average of SIX per match. This is 6 per player, not just team. Sorry if that was confusing for some.

Also, remember that when you load bait into your queue, it is the same player queue as your normal NR rods, so make sure when you load into queue it's not overwriting anything important.

Good luck to all the teams! You'll be able to start your first matches in 7 hours! The first week has 3 20-minute matches to complete that must be completed BEFORE 5/5. If you do not see the same number of matches as other teams that week, you may have a bye that week.

Last Day for Registrations!
Neo-Realms | April 25, 2008, 11:43 am
For those still needing to join a team, registrations end at midnight tonight! If you or someone you know still needs to finalize their team or register for the league, please let them know to do so. And if you need any last minute help in finding a teammate, please let Sweegy Manilow or Deanna Gregoire know!

Don't worry, if you are unable to get finalized on a team, you'll get a complete refund of your registration fee. :)

For those teams finalized, the season schedules will be created this weekend, and once they're posted you will be free to start competing in the first week's matches! The first set of matches will need to be completed before Monday, May 5th.

Final Week Before Registration Ends!
Neo-Realms | April 21, 2008, 9:39 am
Itís coming down to the wire! If you have not finalized your team and found a teammate yet, please do so!

A couple of other notes:

* With the very large number of teams this season, weíre going to be making the season 15 weeks and matches 20 minutes each instead of the original 30 minutes. With the exception of the first week, I will also see about giving 2 weeks to finish a match, so you can complete a match early if needed if you or your teammate is going out of town. The results for these advance matches will not post until the specified deadline time.

* Your teamís starting number of levels to distribute for the season will be larger than the default 100. The number of levels for each player will be the number of teams competing x 6.

* A big thank you to all our sponsors this year! Please visit them on the links in the left sidebar and show your support.

* If you have not tried a practice match yet, please do so before you start the season! It will help you get a feel for how the matches work.

* Also, you only need 1 TFL control box out while competing in matches. As long as the 1 box finished and gets the yellow text, the match is complete. :)

* For more updates, please join the TFL Fishing League group in-world!

Registration Ends April 25th!
Neo-Realms | April 14, 2008, 1:30 pm
Be sure to register if you have not done so already!

Practice Matches Now Available!
Neo-Realms | March 31, 2008, 12:22 pm
TFL Team Captains (creators of the team): You can now schedule your own practice matches anytime you wish. Wear your TFL Control box, and click on it to get to your personal TFL website, click on the "Schedule Practice Match" link. You can then set the practice levels of you and your teammate for the match. These practice matches are good for the whole day, and do not count against your TFL total levels.

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